Terms and Conditions



By accessing and using the Maker’s Academy website, you agree to be personally bound by these terms and conditions (including any changes or modifications made to them), according to the laws of New Zealand.


Changes to the Membership

We may revise these terms and conditions and/or make changes to the membership. We may introduce future plans, products or services which are not included in the membership.

Cancelling your Membership

If you want to cancel your recurring membership, you can do this through the Maker’s Academy website before the next rollover date, to prevent additional payments going through. Your membership will continue for the duration you have paid for (as per your previous payment) and terminate on your next rollover date.

To cancel through the website, go to your Profile > Settings> Billing info > Active Subscriptions – then you’ll see an option to cancel. If you are in arrears with your payments, you'll need to contact support to manually cancel for you.

We can cancel your membership at our discretion, if you breach these terms and conditions, if you are not participating in the spirit of the group, if you bring the reputation of Clever Poppy into disrepute, or if there are issues around you membership payments.


Intellectual Property

All copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in content on the Maker’s Academy website is vested in Clever Poppy Ltd.

The content of this Site is made available for you in your personal capacity and for your personal use only, and not for any commercial use. Personal use does not include sharing the guides or tutorials with groups of people, or in any online group or forum whether public or private (unless you have our express prior written consent).

You are not permitted to directly or indirectly copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, publish, display, commercially exploit or create derivative works of the content of this site.
You may not use, share, post or re-post Clever Poppy content in connection with, or to promote, other services or products in any other forum, whether online or otherwise, without our express written permission.


Lifetime Membership

As a lifetime member you will have lifetime access to the membership.

How long does the lifetime membership last? Until the earlier of:

  1. your lifetime; or
  2. for as long as we continue to provide the membership; or
  3. the membership is terminated for any reason, including Clever Poppy ceasing to trade/ceasing to exist.

If your lifetime membership ends due to termination of the membership, and Clever Poppy is still trading, we will refund you the difference between (a) the amount you paid for your lifetime membership and (b) the amount you would have been charged for an annual membership, for the period you have been a lifetime member. This is capped at 70% of your lifetime membership fees, to reflect the additional bonuses provided with the lifetime membership.


Limited Liability

Clever Poppy Ltd is not liable for any consequential, indirect or special damage or loss of any kind whatsoever arising from or in relation to your use of, or inability to use, the services provided in the Maker’s Academy, or the delivery or failure to deliver any services. Our total liability in respect of all claims in connection with the Maker’s Academy is limited to the total sum of your membership fees.