Modern Embroidery Foundations Course


An online course for busy women to help them quickly and confidently produce stylish pieces of Modern Embroidery


We love the idea of creating beautiful things

But finding the time seems impossible

At the end of a busy day working and kid-wrangling you don't have time to bounce around youtube searching for the right techniques and tutorials.

When you finally get to sit down in the evening you're tired.  Your brain is full and you just want to sit down and have the right videos and pattern guides at your finger tips.  Nice and easy.

This Modern Embroidery Foundations course will take you from a complete beginner to confidently producing two stylish pieces of modern embroidery in no time!


Learn to make these two stylish beginner's patterns:

A Little Wildflower Meadow

Blooming Lovely

So what's included and what does it cost?


Modern Embroidery Foundations Course:



Video Tutorials and PDF guides (Value: $37)

  • Getting started and supplies info
  • How to dress your hoop
  • How to transfer your pattern
  • The Seven basic stitches required
  • How to finish your hoop

Pattern Guides:

  • A Little Wildflower Meadow (Value $15)
  • Blooming Lovely (Value: $15)

Clever Poppy Shop Discount:

  • Discount on your embroidery starter kit and project supplies kits (Value: $19)


 Total Value: $86



Enroll today for just $37


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Check out the beautiful pieces these women have created:


What supplies will I need?


You'll receive a complete list of supplies you'll need for getting started in embroidery as well as the supplies you'll need for each of the patterns.  You can choose to source your own supplies or you can buy one of our beautifully curated kits from the Clever Poppy Shop.

We have curated kits for sale that have everything you need to get you started and as a student you'll also receive a discount code for the embroidery starter kit and the two project kits (Little Wildflower Meadow & Blooming Lovely)

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