Punch Needle Foundations Course


An online course for busy women to help them quickly and confidently make their first Punch Needle creation


As a busy mum, you don't have time to comb the internet trying to figure out how to get started in Punch Needle

When you've finally got the kids to bed and get to sit down in the evening you're tired.  Your brain is full and you just want to sit down and have the right videos and pattern guides at your finger tips.  Nice and easy.

In this Punch Needle Foundations course I'll show you:

  • The correct supplies to use and where to find them
  • Where to start and the basics of how to punch needle, broken down into bite-sized videos and guides to get you punching away ASAP!
  • My simple yet stylish pattern Desert Sun that you can make to proudly display in your home or gift to a friend

Don't waste your time bouncing around Youtube, go from Excited Newbie to Confident Puncher - ASAP!


What do my Maker's think about Punch Needle?

So what's included?

Beginner's Guide to Punch Needle:

Discover the exact supplies you'll need (that will actually work!) and how to get started in these bite sized videos and handy pdf guide.

($27 Value)

The Basics of Punch Needle:

Learn the basic techniques quickly with these easy to follow, bite sized videos.  PLUS my bonus troubleshooting tips and tricks video.

($27 Value)

Pattern Guide: Desert Sun

Make this simple yet stylish Desert Sun pattern with my 8-page pdf guide which includes:

  • Colour and yarn guide
  • Punching guide
  • Template

($15 Value)

Clever Poppy Shop Discount:

Get a great discount on your Punch Needle starter kit and Desert Sun Project supplies kit inside when you source your supplies from the Clever Poppy Shop

($23 Value)

Total Value: $92


Enroll today for just $37

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Check out the beautiful pieces these women have created:


What supplies will I need?


You'll receive a complete list of supplies you'll need for getting started in Punch Needle as well as the supplies you'll need for the pattern.  You can choose to source your own supplies or you can buy one of our beautifully curated kits from the Clever Poppy Shop.

We have curated kits for sale that have everything you need to get you started and as a student you'll also receive a discount code for the Punch Needle starter kit and the Desert Sun project supplies kit.

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